Best CRM software in India for Sales CRM, Helpdesk CRM.

Close more deals, Manage Sales Teams, Manage Helpdesk, Manage your team with Enjay CRM, the Best CRM software in India. Complete CRM solution for small businesses and Enterprises.
Most user-friendly Mobile CRM software designed for your Sales and Service Teams.

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Why India Needs CRM software for India?

Most of CRM software in India Market are originally developed by US companies or developed by Western economies. India is a very different Market, we definitely need an Indian CRM designed for Indian Business practices.Click here to read more why India needs CRM software for India

Most of CRM software is designed for the Bosses. This is the fundamental problem with CRM software available in the market. Enjay CRM is designed for the Sales and Service Executives to enable them and act as a force multiplier for them. At the same time, it also provides great information and reporting for the bosses. But ease of use is the first priority.

One CRM Software to meet all your needs

Sales CRM Software

Designed for making the life of Sales Executives as easy as possible. Manage your Leads, Opportunities, Sales Funnel, Sales Activities and Sales Reporting easily with Enjay CRM

CRM Integrations

Enjay CRM integrates with your website, Yellow Pages Portals, your ERP or any other software application. Built-in integrations include SMS, Email Tracking, Telephony, LinkedIn, etc

Helpdesk CRM Software

Manage Support Tickets, AMC, Product details, Product Warranties, Product subscriptions SLAs, Escalations easily with Enjay CRM software. Proper ITSM based on ITIL Standards

Custom CRM

Enjay CRM is great out of the box, but it can be customised to suit your Business Processes. Every module, every field, every automation, every report can be customised.

Mobile CRM Software

Mobile CRM SoftwareNever miss an appointment or followup, track your activites easily. Log Calls and SMS automatically. Mobile Dashboard to guide your Day and manage your team. Configurable Mobile App.

Call Center CRM

Manage Sales and Support desk with built in integration with Enjay Synapse, which is Call Center Software. Suitable for a small team as well as large teams for any kind of processes.

CRM for Marketing

Email, SMS, WhatsApp Automation for lead nurturing, Cross Selling and up-selling. Use Account-based marketing with proper categorisation Industry-wise, Product wise or region wise.


Enjay CRM comes with a secured web API which can be used to integrate with any software application like ERP etc. Comes with complete documentation, Sample files and telephonic support.

Deployment Flexibility Cloud CRM and Onsite CRM

Enjay CRM comes with the flexibility to deploy on our Cloud, Public cloud or private cloud. It can even be deployed at your Server Locations. In case you choose to deploy it on your servers, we provide a secured, optimised and hardened the Operating system to run the CRM software.

Requirements for Onsite CRM Implementation:

  • Two Servers (for Live and Backup).
  • Redundant and reliable connectivity.
  • Operating system (EnjayCRM OS provided by Enjay.)
  • Server Administrator to monitor and manage server Resources.
  • SSL Certificate for securing your Servers.

Our Secured Scalable Cloud CRM Infrastructure

Enjay CRM is hosted with largest Data Centers in India to give your best performance and security. Proper DR (Disaster Recovery) is implemented at other Data Centers to provide you Business Continuity.

Access to your data is restricted by Firewalls and security managed by professionals. Regular user level, group level Data Access Control is built in.

We also provide you proper NDA, SLA and Privacy policy to make sure that your business information remains secure.

Scalability: While our smallest client is 2 user our largest Client is 8,500 users, Which proves the flexibility and scalability of the solution.

CRM software Solutions for Any Industry

Enjay CRM software is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. This is the reason why so many clients from so many different Industries are happy with Enjay CRM. Even if your Industry is not listed below, without doubt, Enjay CRM should be able to manage it.

Real Estate CRM

Call Center / BPO CRM

Travel CRM


Trading CRM

Telecom CRM

CRM for Government

CRM for IT Hardware

Channel Management

CRM for Software

Service Industry CRM

Distribution CRM

Manufacturing CRM

Tally Partners

Automobile Dealership

Healthcare CRM


Pharma CRM

CRM for Consulting

Hospitality CRM

Banking CRM

Stock Broker CRM

Education CRM

Collection Agency CRM

Team Size
CRM Initegrations
Industry Served.
Completed Projects
Years of CRM experience

Most useful CRM Integrations for CRM Software

SMS CRM Integration

Send automated SMS responses (notifications), Group SMS or bulk SMS messages from CRM directly. Enjay CRM can integrate with any SMS gateway in the world.

Customer Portal App

Enjay CRM comes with a mobile Customer Support App to support your Customers to create and track enquiries, tickets etc. Even request the immediate callback

Email Tracking for CRM

Enjay CRM comes with built-in Email sending Client with templates and complete Email Tracking. Get notified when your client opens or clicks your Email.

CRM LinkedIn Integrations

CRM Linkedin integration provides better visibility and helps to know more about your prospects and develop better and engaging relationships.

CRM Telephony Integration

Enjay CRM software has integrated Telephony solution as well. Call popup, Call distribution, Automated & Predictive dialling Call recording right into CRM.

CRM Tally Integration

Avoid double entry. Sync Tally Ledgers with CRM, Manage receivables in CRM directly. Get projected Cash flow in CRM. Send CRM quotations to Tally Invoices.


Enjay CRM is first CRM which provides WhatsApp API Integration. Automated, transactional, Templatised WhatsApp messages right in CRM. Inbound and outbound.

CRM Chat Integration

Chat with your Website visitors directly from CRM. Support your customers with Chat support, integrated right into CRM. True Multi-channel customer support.

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